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Centrotherm - Flat Roof Flashing
Centrotherm - Flat Roof Flashing
Description: With field supplied sealant, stainless steel flashing creates water-tight roof penetration when using InnoFlue® SW commercial on a flat roof Note: Roof flashing require a 10...

Van-Packer Co. - GRZ Rectangular Grease Ducts
Van-Packer Co. - GRZ Rectangular Grease Ducts
Description: Model GRZ Grease Duct can be intermixed with our other grease duct products to maximize versatility and minimize costs while still offering the safest kitchen ventilation system you can get.

Manufacturer: Van-Packer Co.

Category: vent pipe accessories | chimney | chimneys...

MasterFormat: Central Heating Equipment | Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks | Gas Vents