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Arriscraft - Adair® Limestone Parliament
Arriscraft - Adair® Limestone Parliament
Description: Parliament makes a strong statement with its rugged, split face finish, traditional sepia tone, and long stone lengths. Parliament features three face rises, offered in random lengths up to...

Manufacturer: Arriscraft

Category: stone masonry | 04 40 00 | ashlar stone...

MasterFormat: Stone Assemblies | Limestone* | Stone Masonry

General Shale - Thin Rock - Walden Ridge
General Shale - Thin Rock - Walden Ridge
Description: General Shale's thin rock, manufactured in Spring City, TN, is authentic, quarried rock that is sold in boxes of flats or corner units. Each box includes random sizes of thin rock, offering...

Manufacturer: General Shale

Category: stone masonry | ashlar stone | masonry...

MasterFormat: Stone Assemblies | Exterior Stone Cladding | Stone Masonry