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Varco Pruden Buildings - Rigid FrameFraming System
Varco Pruden Buildings - Rigid Frame Framing System
Description: When you want an economical, column-free interior space, our Clear Span Rigid Frame is the one for you. Providing clear spans up to 300′ or more, along with On-Center and Off-Center Ridges...

Hanna Rubber Company - Thermal Break Material
Hanna Rubber Company - Thermal Break Material
Description: Thermal Break Material is ideal to prevent thermal bridging in structural links, it is used between flanged connections of internal and external steelwork and concrete to prevent thermal/ cold...

FCP Structures - Architectural & Structural
FCP Structures - Architectural & Structural
Description: FCP has worked extensively with General Contractors as a structural and miscellaneous fabricator and erector. A few of our projects include: The 9 story UCLA Student Housing Center: The Del Amo...