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Tractel - Davits - Fixed
Tractel - Davits - Fixed
Description: Davits - Fixed Model: Davits - Fixed two-piece davits are designed to tilt to horizontal by mechanical means before detachment from the davit base. When the arms are lowered, the davit boom can be easily separated from the davit mast for transport to the next work location and for ease of storage...

Kee Safety - Easi-Dec Temporary Access Platforms
Kee Safety - Easi-Dec Temporary Access Platforms
Description: Flexibility to quickly change work locations Cost effective alternative to scaffolding Long-life durability and non-corrosive aluminum Lightweight and compact...

Manufacturer: Kee Safety

Category: stage scaffolding | construction scaffolding | platform scaffolding...

MasterFormat: Temporary Scaffolding and Platforms | Scaffolding