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StageRight Corporation - Transportation Carts
StageRight Corporation - Transportation Carts
Description: In addition to portability, transportation carts serve as compact storage units. Convenience and portability are trademarks of StageRight products.

Manufacturer: StageRight Corporation

Category: stage platform carts | gymnasium seating | multiple seating...

MasterFormat: Broadcast, Theater, and Stage Equipment | Furniture | Seating...

Staging Concepts - Stage Storage/Transport Carts - Arena Cart
Staging Concepts - Stage Storage/Transport Carts - Arena Cart
Description: Stage Storage/Transport Carts - Arena Cart Model: Stage Storage/Transport Carts - SC9600 Cart The Arena Cart is a high-capacity cart that can carry up to 12 platforms as ratchet straps hold them in place. Additionally, the push bar is able to be detached for faster and easier platform loading....