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StageRight Corporation - Guardrails
StageRight Corporation - Guardrails
Description: Prevent accidental falls with our sturdy stage and riser Guardrails. Made of tubular steel, each section is 42″ high and has a lower bar that serves...

Manufacturer: StageRight Corporation

Category: stage guard rails | railings | rails...

MasterFormat: Broadcast, Theater, and Stage Equipment | Furniture | Seating...

Staging Concepts - VIP Drink Rail
Staging Concepts - VIP Drink Rail
Description: VIP Drink Rail Model: VIP Drink Rail Create an enhanced VIP experience with the VIP Drink Rail! Staging Concepts’ popular VIP Rail Attachment is available for use with both the 2-Line Guardrail and IBC Guardrail. The VIP Rail Attachment can be used as: A drink rail to set beverages or food...