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Landscape Forms, Inc. - Upfit
Landscape Forms, Inc. - Upfit
Description: From Spaces to Places Upfit is an adaptive structure with a modern style and endless flexibility to transform spaces into places that invite people to create experiences.

Manufacturer: Landscape Forms, Inc.

Category: special construction | 12 50 00 | 125000...

MasterFormat: Furniture | Site Furnishings | Site Seating and Tables...

Contech Engineered Solutions - Big R Cattle Guards
Contech Engineered Solutions - Big R Cattle Guards
Description: Big R prefabricated steel cattle guards are designed to meet BLM or USFS specifications and are ideal for standard highway use and also meet off-road or haul-road requirements.

Campbellsville Industries, Inc. - Clocks
Campbellsville Industries, Inc. - Clocks
Description: CAMPBELLSVILLE CLOCKS Campbellsville clocks give that special service to communities throughout the country, whether in towers, at street corners, or on buildings. From one to...

Manufacturer: Campbellsville Industries, Inc.

Category: special construction | clocks | illuminated clocks...

MasterFormat: Exterior Specialties | Exterior Clocks | Special Structures...

SAS International - Service Integration - Service Binnacles
SAS International - Service Integration - Service Binnacles
Description: Service Integration - Service Binnacles Model: Service Integration - Service Binnacles Binnacles are protective housings for any number of services. The term originated in the 1880s via Lord Kelvin’s patent for “…a case that supports and protects a ship’s compass…” Contemporary examples would be...

Manufacturer: SAS International

Category: special construction | automated service units | self-service housings...

MasterFormat: Special Structures