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A&L Shielding - Radiation Shielding Glass
A&L Shielding - Radiation Shielding Glass
Description: Our Radiation Shielding Glass is a high quality optical grade lead barium glass with more than 60% heavy metal oxide including at least 55% lead oxide with sizes up to 96”x48”.

Manufacturer: A&L Shielding

Category: radiation shielding materials | lead glass | radiation shielding glass...

MasterFormat: Glazing | Glass Glazing | Special Function Glazing...

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. - RF Shield SCIF Barrier
Fi-Foil Company, Inc. - RF Shield SCIF Barrier
Description: Product Visualizer Fi-Foils RF Shield is a multi-layered specialty barrier with security shielding to block electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference in order...

Manufacturer: Fi-Foil Company, Inc.

Category: radiation shielding materials | building insulation | ceiling insulation...

MasterFormat: Thermal Protection | Thermal Insulation | Reflective Insulation...