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RectorSeal - Metacaulk® Intumescent Sleeve
RectorSeal - Metacaulk® Intumescent Sleeve
Description: Metacaulk® Prefabricated Firestop Devices Metacaulk® Intumescent Sleeve is a firestop seal for PVC, cc-PVC, CPVC, FRPP, PP and ABS pipe and...

Manufacturer: RectorSeal

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MasterFormat: Firestopping

Specified Technologies, Inc. - Closet Flange Firestop Gasket
Specified Technologies, Inc. - Closet Flange Firestop Gasket
Description: Closet Flange Firestop Gasket Model: Closet Flange Firestop Gasket SpecSeal ® Closet Flange Firestop Gaskets are one-piece, molded rubber, intumescent pads that install beneath a 3 or 4″ (76 or 102 mm) closet flange to effectively firestop the opening. The die cut rubber gasket is perforated to...

Manufacturer: Specified Technologies, Inc.

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