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TEC® - Floor Mud
TEC® - Floor Mud
Description: NEW! TEC® Floor Mud is a Portland cement-based mortar designed for thick setting beds under ceramic or quarry tiles. When mixed to a dry consistency, TEC® Floor Mud...

Manufacturer: TEC®

Category: plaster | cement | plaster base...

MasterFormat: Plaster and Gypsum Board | Veneer Plaster Base | Cement Plastering...

Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. - M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom
Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. - M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom
Description: M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom Model: M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom 5 gallon SKU # 753 Availability: In stock Plaster/Stucco Mortar These single-component, cementitious plasters are engineered for use on new or existing brick or stone substrates. Jahn M60 can be altered to adhere to block or concrete....