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Nicor Lighting - VT3 - LED Vaportite
Nicor Lighting - VT3 - LED Vaportite
Description: The VT3 LED Linear Vaportite is designed to give long lasting, energy efficient light in demanding locations.

Manufacturer: Nicor Lighting

Category: parking bay lighting | parking bay luminaires | parking structure lighting...

MasterFormat: Lighting | Interior Lighting | Special Purpose Lighting...

Westgate Mfg. - Outdoor Lighting - LED Weatherproof Flood Heads
Westgate Mfg. - Outdoor Lighting - LED Weatherproof Flood Heads
Description: Die-cast aluminum with powder coat finish Cover type: Transparent PC White Reflector Driver: Non-dimmable driver 13" #18 AWG stranded wires...

Manufacturer: Westgate Mfg.

Category: parking bay lighting | luminaires | parking bay luminaires...

MasterFormat: Vehicle and Pedestrian Equipment | Exterior Lighting | Parking Lighting...

Maxlite - MPulse Canopy
Maxlite - MPulse Canopy
Description: The MPulse Canopy Light delivers powerful lighting in a sleek form factor ideal for parking garage and canopy applications.

Manufacturer: Maxlite

Category: parking bay lighting | lights | parking bay luminaires...

MasterFormat: Lighting | Interior Lighting | Exterior Lighting...