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Hardcast - Liquid Sealants - RS-100
Hardcast - Liquid Sealants - RS-100
Description: 10 Year Indoor Warranty - RS-100 is a water based, spray sealant engineered to seal joints, penetrations and seams from inside of the HVAC ductwork.

Manufacturer: Hardcast

Category: mold resistant sealants | air duct sealants | joint sealants...

MasterFormat: Joint Protection | Joint Sealants | HVAC Air Distribution...

Dow - DOWSIL™ Tub/Tile/Ceramic Sealant
Dow - DOWSIL™ Tub/Tile/Ceramic Sealant
Description: A one-part acetoxy cure silicone sealant for non-porous surface applications requiring a mildew-resistant sealant.

Manufacturer: Dow

Category: mold resistant sealants | bathroom sealants | construction sealants...

MasterFormat: Joint Protection | Joint Sealants