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Armstrong World Industries, Inc. - AXIOM Indirect Light Coves
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. - AXIOM Indirect Light Coves
Description: AXIOM extruded aluminum indirect light coves offer predictable lighting performance and perfect integration with all Armstrong suspension systems.

USG - Ensemble® Acoustical Drywall Ceiling
USG - Ensemble® Acoustical Drywall Ceiling
Description: The first integrated ceiling system offering ideal combination of seamless design and superior acoustics. Design with excellent acoustic performance without compromising the seamless...

Manufacturer: USG

Category: lighted ceilings | 095000 | 095100...

MasterFormat: Ceilings | Acoustical Ceilings | Acoustical Ceiling Suspension Assemblies

Unika Vaev - Scala Ceiling Tile
Unika Vaev - Scala Ceiling Tile
Description: Description Scala Ceiling Tile stylishly prevents noise from reverberating off the ceiling, available with or without an integrated LED light fixture. Scala Ceiling Tile...

Manufacturer: Unika Vaev

Category: lighted ceilings | 09 51 13 | 09 51 23...

MasterFormat: Acoustical Ceiling Suspension Assemblies | Specialty Ceilings | Acoustic Treatment...

Luxyclad - Louvres and Battens
Luxyclad - Louvres and Battens
Description: Luxylouvre is a long term product with a multitude of design and utility possibilities with ceilings, fencing, shading, and privacy screens just being a named few. An engineered snap-fit design...

Manufacturer: Luxyclad

Category: lighted ceilings | curtain wall panels | interior panels...

MasterFormat: Roofing and Siding Panels | Metal Wall Panels | Screens and Louvers...