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Maxlite - Ballasts
Maxlite - Ballasts
Description: Ideal for industrial and commercial lighting applications, MaxLite's High Efficiency Ballasts provide power for 2-, 3- and 4-lamp fixtures for linear, PL, and U lamps.

Manufacturer: Maxlite

Category: lamp power supplies | fluorescent lamp ballasts | lamp ballasts...

MasterFormat: Lighting | Interior Lighting Fixtures, Lamps, And Ballasts

Neotek Lighting - Tranformers - NL-30W-24T
Neotek Lighting - Tranformers - NL-30W-24T
Description: 30W Triac Dimmable 100-227VAC Constant Voltage LED Driver + PWD Signal

Manufacturer: Neotek Lighting

Category: lamp power supplies | lighting transformers | lights...

MasterFormat: Lighting | Interior Lighting | Interior Lighting Fixtures, Lamps, And Ballasts...