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Hardcast - DynAir Insulation Fasteners - Stik-Ons
Hardcast - DynAir Insulation Fasteners - Stik-Ons
Description: Stik-Ons are 12-gauge steel insulation pins that are permanently staked through 2” x 2" galvanized steel base plates. A pressure sensitive adhesive backing provides a permanent bond...

Manufacturer: Hardcast

Category: insulation fasteners | HVAC ducts | duct work...

MasterFormat: Metal Fastenings | Thermal Insulation | HVAC Air Distribution...

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. - Mechanical Fastener Systems
Fi-Foil Company, Inc. - Mechanical Fastener Systems
Description: Product Visualizer Our Mechanical Fastener Systems are designed to work with all types of metal framing. The Patented Clip-Pin and Washer components make installation quick...

Manufacturer: Fi-Foil Company, Inc.

Category: insulation fasteners | attic insulation | commercial insulation...

MasterFormat: Thermal Protection | Thermal Insulation | Blanket Insulation...

EJOT - Washers for Insulation
EJOT - Washers for Insulation
Description: EJOT ETICS fasteners and anchors for fastening: - Insulation boards - Rail systems - Slip brick systems - Ceiling insulation plus other applications

Manufacturer: EJOT

Category: insulation fasteners | construction fasteners | fasteners...

MasterFormat: Common Work Results for Metals | Metal Fastenings | Thermal Insulation