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Beacon Industries, Inc. - Warehouse Fan - Beacon® BDDB-C Series
Beacon Industries, Inc. - Warehouse Fan - Beacon® BDDB-C Series
Description: The Warehouse Fan is designed as a belt drive drum fan. This series features 3 paddle-style steel blades and rolls on 8" rubber wheels. Operated via a rocker switch. These units do not have...

Rite-Hite - Revolution Fan
Rite-Hite - Revolution Fan
Description: Installing large industrial fans like the Revolution is a simple upgrade for any existing facility and a smart choice for a new building. It creates a comfortable, productive environment for...

Manufacturer: Rite-Hite

Category: industrial fans | air handling fans | commercial HVLS fans...

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Big Ass Fans - Sidekick® Barrel Fan
Big Ass Fans - Sidekick® Barrel Fan
Description: Do you hear that? That’s the quiet whir of the most durable barrel fan ever created. Powerful and highly portable, Sidekick provides more airflow than any other 48” barrel fan on...

Manufacturer: Big Ass Fans

Category: industrial fans | HVLS fans | fans...

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