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Cube Care Company - Luxury Bedspreads - Accessories
Cube Care Company - Luxury Bedspreads - Accessories
Description: Select Your Bed Skirts See diagrams for a selection of standard styles. Other options are available. amples are made for customer approval before final manufacturing.

Manufacturer: Cube Care Company

Category: hotel furniture | beds | furniture...

MasterFormat: Bedroom Furnishings | Furniture | Hospitality Furniture...

Inova - Flip-Bed Series
Inova - Flip-Bed Series
Description: A hidden, additional sleeper for any room! Available in multiple finishes and hardware Modified twin size mattress included: 32” wide x...

Manufacturer: Inova

Category: hotel furniture | hospitality furnishings | hospitality furniture...

MasterFormat: Furnishings and Accessories | Furniture | Hospitality Furniture...