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SLOAN® - HF-20 Angle Valve
SLOAN® - HF-20 Angle Valve
Description: HF-20 Angle Valve Model: HF-20 Angle Valve HF-20 Angle Valve

Manufacturer: SLOAN®

Category: health care faucets | bathroom faucets | hand-held spray faucet...

MasterFormat: Healthcare Equipment | Plumbing Fixtures | Commercial Plumbing Fixtures...

Intersan - Healthcare - Removeable Spout
Intersan - Healthcare - Removeable Spout
Description: Faucets designed to help the spread of germs and bacteria. Faucets are available with filtered spouts, disposable spouts or removable stainless spouts.

Manufacturer: Intersan

Category: health care faucets | faucet spouts | fittings...

MasterFormat: Plumbing Fixtures | Commercial Faucets, Supplies, and Trim | Healthcare Plumbing Fixtures...