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SerraLux Inc - SerraGlaze® Diffuse
SerraLux Inc - SerraGlaze® Diffuse
Description: SerraGlaze-D minimizes glare while daylighting deep into the space. And, is great for added privacy.

Manufacturer: SerraLux Inc

Category: glazing films | architectural glass | glare reducing window film...

MasterFormat: Glazing | Glass Glazing | Glazing Surface Films...

Polytronix - Polyvision® Smart Glass
Polytronix - Polyvision® Smart Glass
Description: What is Smart Glass? Our Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Film and Switchable Privacy Glass is an opaque white smart film, laminated...

Manufacturer: Polytronix

Category: glazing films | chrome glass | dynamic glass...

MasterFormat: Entrances, Storefronts, and Curtain Walls | Glazing | Switchable Glass...