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Field Controls - Vent Riser™
Field Controls - Vent Riser™
Description: Sub-grade Venting Just Got Easier! For basement installations where a window well must be used, or in installations where the vent terminal cannot be mounted to maintain a...

DuraVent - FasNSeal® Single-Wall Special Gas Vent Systems
DuraVent - FasNSeal® Single-Wall Special Gas Vent Systems
Description: All FasNSeal (single-wall) vent lengths and components feature patented built-in mechanical locking band and triple-lipped directional gaskets. All pipes and components are engineered with smooth clean welds located 90° from mechanical locking bands. This construction feature allows for ease of...

Manufacturer: DuraVent

Category: gas vent pipes | vent pipes

MasterFormat: Central Heating Equipment | Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks | Fabricated Stacks...