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Extrutech Plastics, Inc. - WM394 Garage Door Stop
Extrutech Plastics, Inc. - WM394 Garage Door Stop
Description: Extrutech Garage Door Stop, Item # WM394, for use as a weather strip trim for garage doors or decorative trim, is of an exterior grade, hard, solid, dense, engineered polymer, with a embossed...

Woodtone Building Products - AbsoluteTrim™
Woodtone Building Products - AbsoluteTrim™
Description: AbsoluteTrim™ is an engineered, Western Red Cedar trim and fascia product designed to provide years of unmatched performance on your next project.

Manufacturer: Woodtone Building Products

Category: garage door trim | door trim | fascia...

MasterFormat: Millwork | Architectural Woodwork | Ornamental Woodwork...