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Plasti-Fab - EnerSpan® 25 Insulation
Plasti-Fab - EnerSpan® 25 Insulation
Description: EnerSpan 25 insulation is manufactured using Neopor® provided by BASF, a graphite-enhanced raw material that reduces radiation heat transfer resulting in higher thermal resistance (R-value)...

Manufacturer: Plasti-Fab

Category: freeze protection insulation | commercial insulation | insulation...

MasterFormat: Thermal Protection | Thermal Insulation | Board Insulation

Thermaxx Jackets - Antifreeze Jackets
Thermaxx Jackets - Antifreeze Jackets
Description: The Thermaxx name is synonymous with steam systems. Removable reusable insulated jackets are seen in wide use today bearing the Thermaxx name in boiler rooms all over the USA and abroad. But...

Manufacturer: Thermaxx Jackets

Category: freeze protection insulation | blanket insulation | equipment insulation...

MasterFormat: Thermal Protection | Thermal Insulation | Blanket Insulation...