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Superior Fiberglass - Fiberglass Cupolas: 10' - 13' - Model CU-24S
Superior Fiberglass - Fiberglass Cupolas: 10' - 13' - Model CU-24S
Description: Base: 5' 1" Square Height: 10' 6" Weight: 400 lbs Number of Pieces: 1

Manufacturer: Superior Fiberglass

Category: fiberglass fabrications | cupolas | exterior specialties...

MasterFormat: Plastic Fabrications | Composite Fabrications | Exterior Specialties...

Stromberg Architectural Products - Finials
Stromberg Architectural Products - Finials
Description: Finials Model: Finials Add an understated yet eye-catching finishing touch to your home, church, or resort with finials by Stromberg. Nobody can offer you higher quality products, and our selection is the best in the industry. Services Our team of experts will work with you closely throughout...

EDON Fiberglass - Domes
EDON Fiberglass - Domes
Description: EDON is a leader in producing Fiberglass Domes; both exterior and interior with finished surfaces in colors of your choice.

Manufacturer: EDON Fiberglass

Category: fiberglass fabrications | ceiling domes | custom fiberglass fabrications...

MasterFormat: Finish Carpentry | Composite Fabrications | Composite Trim...

TerraGlas - TerraGlas Terra Cotta
TerraGlas - TerraGlas Terra Cotta
Description: TerraGlas Terra Cotta Model: TerraGlas Terra Cotta About TerraGlasĀ® Terra Cotta TerraGlasĀ® is a molded architectural terra cotta composite with fiberglass reinforcing. TerraGlasĀ® offers the traditional architectural terra cotta look and feel. It is available in limitless molded shapes to exactly...

Manufacturer: TerraGlas

Category: fiberglass fabrications | bas-reliefs | chimney hoods...

MasterFormat: Plastic Fabrications | Composite Fabrications | Roof and Wall Specialties and Accessories...