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PalmSHIELD - Drop Rod
PalmSHIELD - Drop Rod
Description: The key function of drop rods is to lock a swing gate into position by dropping a metal rod into a hole in the ground. Drop rods are much easier to install on a large gate than a regular locking...

Manufacturer: PalmSHIELD

Category: drop bolts | cane bolts | drop rods...

D&D Technologies USA, Inc. - LokkBolt® Premium Drop-bolt
D&D Technologies USA, Inc. - LokkBolt® Premium Drop-bolt
Description: Features Premium, Lockable Security Drop-Bolt • 316 marine-grade stainless steel drop-rod • Tough polymer-housing mounting system

Manufacturer: D&D Technologies USA, Inc.

Category: drop bolts | entry gates | fences gates...

MasterFormat: Site Improvements | Fences and Gates