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Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Perimeter Systems - Conductor Heads for Roof Drainage - Style 2
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., PerimeterSystems - Conductor Heads for Roof Drainage - Style 2
Description: Conductor Heads, also know as Leader Heads, Collector Heads, Collector Boxes, Scupper Boxes, Rain Collectors, Rain or Rainwater Heads are a decorative feature for roof drainage. They function to...

Drexel Metals - Custom Trim/Accessories
Drexel Metals - Custom Trim/Accessories
Description: A merger of functionality and form, our masterfully crafted trim and accessories accentuate architectural character, while protecting rooflines and hard-to-reach areas with a durable finish.

Manufacturer: Drexel Metals

Category: downspout heads | cornice moulding | cornices...

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