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JESCO Lighting Group - SG4 Sleek Plus Classic - T4
JESCO Lighting Group - SG4 Sleek Plus Classic - T4
Description: Ideal for Residential, Office, Retail and Display applications. Fixtures are furnished with replaceable lamps; tight-fit direct connectors; stainless steel mounting clips; and...

Manufacturer: JESCO Lighting Group

Category: display lighting | fluorescent lighting | lighting devices...

MasterFormat: Commercial Equipment | Lighting | Interior Lighting...

Maxlite - Plug-and-Play Lightbars
Maxlite - Plug-and-Play Lightbars
Description: For use in general, accent, under cabinet, display case, indirect, wall washing and toe kick applications in residential and commercial environments, the Plug-and-Play LED Lightbars are...

Manufacturer: Maxlite

Category: display lighting | accent lighting | cabinet lighting...

MasterFormat: Lighting | Interior Lighting | Display Lighting