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Lyon, LLC - Adjustable Armrests
Lyon, LLC - Adjustable Armrests
Description: You can quickly add the 2077N Adjustable Armrests to your existing 1990 Spider Stool or even the 2024N Standard Industrial Chair . Accessories enable you to customize your chair selections to...

Manufacturer: Lyon, LLC

Category: desk chairs | adjustable chairs | stools...

MasterFormat: Furniture | Seating | Chairs

Spectrum Industries, Inc. - OM5 Active Guest Chair
Spectrum Industries, Inc. - OM5 Active Guest Chair
Description: The OM5-AG Active Guest Chair is more than a stack chair. It offers comfort, style and durability! Choose glides or casters, arms or tablet arms, and from 7 colors - a...

Manufacturer: Spectrum Industries, Inc.

Category: desk chairs | furniture | office chairs...

MasterFormat: Furniture | Chairs | Office Seating...

New England Woodcraft Inc. - Chairs
New England Woodcraft Inc. - Chairs
Description: If you sit and think about how often you sit in your chair, you’ll understand why we strive to build both comfortable and durable chairs and stools.