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FAMCO - Flue Cap - Galvanized
FAMCO - Flue Cap - Galvanized
Description: Flue Cap - Galvanized Model: FC Designed to cap off or terminate the end of a pipe. Available in 3" through 16". Quality constructed in 26g Galvanized. Additional Information SKU FC UniFormat D30

Manufacturer: FAMCO

Category: chimney liners | fireplace chimneys | flue caps...

MasterFormat: Refractory Masonry | Manufactured Fireplace Chimneys | Central Heating Equipment...

DuraVent - DuraFlex® Stainless Steel
DuraVent - DuraFlex® Stainless Steel
Description: DuraFlex Pro is the ultimate in flexible steel liners for strength and flexibility. It features 20% more stainless steel per foot compared to other liners on the market. Its extreme flexibility facilitates problem free installations where multiple offsets are needed. DuraFlex Pro is available in...

Manufacturer: DuraVent

Category: chimney liners | flue liners | metal liners...

MasterFormat: Refractory Masonry | Flue Liner Masonry | Manufactured Fireplace Chimneys...