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Imperial Woodworks, Inc. - Baptismal Fonts
Imperial Woodworks, Inc. - Baptismal Fonts
Description: Imperial baptismal fonts include a removable stainless steel bowl and swivel cover, and they are available in styles and colors to match all other Imperial pulpit furniture. All-stained versions come standard in red oak, and the dove carving is optional. Baptismal fonts are 38" high to the bowl...

New Holland Church Furniture - Custom Chancel Furniture
New Holland Church Furniture - Custom Chancel Furniture
Description: New Holland Church Furniture understands the need for standard or custom church furniture that meets your worship requirements.

Manufacturer: New Holland Church Furniture

Category: chancel furniture | baptismal fonts | chairs...

MasterFormat: Religious Equipment | Baptisteries | Seating...

Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing - Church Furniture
Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing - Church Furniture
Description: About Our Church Furniture Church pews created with solid oak oak and other hardwoods has been our specialty for over seven decades, Ratigan-Schottler stands out among other...

Manufacturer: Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing

Category: chancel furniture | benches | chairs...

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