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Unika Vaev - Fraster Felt Rug Collection
Unika Vaev - Fraster Felt Rug Collection
Description: Felt is a completely homogeneous material that can be cut in any way without fraying. Precise cutting of felt provides clean edge detail thereby permitting designers to play with form.

Manufacturer: Unika Vaev

Category: carpet | area rugs | carpeting and rugs...

MasterFormat: Flooring | Furnishings and Accessories | Rugs and Mats...

Acoufelt LLC - Latin Carpet Tiles
Acoufelt LLC - Latin Carpet Tiles
Description: The Latin carpet tile collection is a 100% solution dyed nylon carpet tile in the 500mm x 500mm square format. Featuring QuietBack™, this carpet tile achieves an acoustic rating of NRC...

Manufacturer: Acoufelt LLC

Category: carpet | flooring products | flooring tile...

MasterFormat: Flooring | Carpeting | Tile Carpeting