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Field Controls - CAS-6 and CAS-7
Field Controls - CAS-6 and CAS-7
Description: The Fan-in-a-Drum® is a commercial product designed to deliver combustion air into the mechanical room, boiler room or furnace location to overcome a confined space or inadequate air...

Manufacturer: Field Controls

Category: air intake systems | air intake components | chimney...

MasterFormat: Central Heating Equipment | Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks

DuraVent - Combustion Air Systems
DuraVent - Combustion Air Systems
Description: The Combustion Air System (CAS) is a system designed to bring in outside combustion air directly to your wood or pellet stoves. This eliminates the use of conditioned inside air for combustion, improving the efficiency of central heating systems. Combustion Air System is a patent-pending design...