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Driwood Moulding Company - Acanthus Moulding - CA-36
Driwood Moulding Company - Acanthus Moulding - CA-36
Description: Acanthus Moulding - CA-36 Model: Acanthus Moulding - CA-36 6 1/4″ x 2 9/16″ French style casing is fully detailed with a horizontal reed wrapped with an oak ribbon. This casing features an inverted acanthus leaf pattern and is finished with a pellet detail.

Manufacturer: Driwood Moulding Company

Category: architectural woodwork | custom mouldings | custom trim...

MasterFormat: Interior Architectural Woodwork | Interior Finish Carpentry | Architectural Woodwork...

Cedar Creek LLC - Millwork
Cedar Creek LLC - Millwork
Description: Our millwork is finely crafted for an added level of design that is anything but standard.

Manufacturer: Cedar Creek LLC

Category: corner moldings | cornice moldings | cove base...

MasterFormat: Interior Architectural Woodwork | Exterior Finish Carpentry | Interior Finish Carpentry...

Rainier Industries - Industrial Art - Architectural Wood Fabrication
Rainier Industries - Industrial Art - Architectural Wood Fabrication
Description: Rainier has been crafting innovative products for over 120 years - at heart, we are craftspeople. Many of our projects incorporate the most natural of resources. Our 10,000 square foot wood shop...

Manufacturer: Rainier Industries

Category: architectural wood fabrications | decorative trim | specialty wood products...

MasterFormat: Interior Architectural Woodwork | Finish Carpentry | Millwork...