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Garaventa Lift - Genesis OPAL Vertical Lift
Garaventa Lift - Genesis OPAL Vertical Lift
Description: The Genesis OPAL vertical lift easily transports passengers up and down short vertical distances, for applications such as stages and porches. The platform walls, platform gate and optional automatic folding ramp travel with the platform creating a safety barrier around the passenger. The OPAL...

Manufacturer: Garaventa Lift

Category: pitless lifts | sidewalk lifts | stage lifts

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Guldmann Inc. - Lifting Platform LP5+
Guldmann Inc. - Lifting Platform LP5+
Description: Lifting Platform LP5+ Model: Lifting Platform LP5+ The Stepless LP5+ is a lifting platform which with its lightweight design can easily be integrated into a wide variety of environments. The lifting platform enables wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties to overcome level...

Manufacturer: Guldmann Inc.

Category: sidewalk lifts

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