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Photoluminescent Exit Marking Systems

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Photoluminescent Exit Marking Systems

...for emergency evacuations in darkness, smoke and crowds.

Our line of photoluminescent products provides all the marking systems and signage needed to comply with the nation’s most demanding codes and standards for photoluminescent exit path markings. ZERO photoluminescent signs and marking systems satisfy New York City’s Building Code Standard RS 6-1/1A to facilitate safe emergency exits during building evacuations when power and back-up power systems have failed.

The NYC standard calls for photoluminescence both in directional signs pointing to exits and in markings showing outlines of egress paths, stairs, handrails and obstacles. These signs and markings must be placed close to the floor to allow visibility in smoke and crowded, as well as dark, conditions. Mandated signs and markings are required in both new and existing high-rises.

The most current version of these standards is available at the New York City Building Code website.

Photoluminescent systems from ZERO include:

  • Strips and nosings along stair and landing leading edges for maximum visibility.
  • L-shaped side-edge stair markings, which meet the minimum NYC requirement for existing buildings.
  • Additional markings for floors, exit doors and obstacles along the egress route.
  • Ultra-thin, contoured hand rail marking system with beveled-finish edge for maximum durability and hand grip comfort.
  • Eight directional signs to help move crowds toward safe exits.
  • Additional signs identifying intermediate and final exit doors for mounting on either doors or adjacent walls.
  • MEA-approved photoluminescent products available.

All ZERO marking systems and signs feature aluminum backing and/or foam tape for superior adhesion to brick and other uneven surfaces found in many buildings. This backing system consistently outperforms typical vinyl materials, which are best applied to smooth, clean surfaces. Our marking systems can also be mechanically fastened, if preferred.

TRACTION TREAD™ GLOW stair nosings and door saddles
Recommended for high-traffic installations demanding maximum non-slip safety. Features include:
  • Profiled grooves with rubber inserts for sure footing and aesthetics.
  • Photoluminescent markings integrated in the outside four grooves.
  • Epoxy inserts available as option for outdoor applications.
  • No raised ribbing and no open grooves to trap dirt and water for exceptional durability and easy maintenance.
  • Designed for easy cutting and drilling onsite.
  • Available in standard aluminum or bronze finishes
  • Aesthetic solution to ADA requirements for detectable warnings on stairs and hazardous surfaces.

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