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...simply the best for both specialized and routine uses.

Great gasketing is what first made the ZERO name synonymous with quality. Our door gaskets for protecting head, jamb, sill and meeting stiles are designed for reliable performance in specific, demanding environments. And they are built to last. Our unequaled array of performance and aesthetic options is also our guarantee that "what the designer wants, the designer gets."

New Demands for Performance
Evolving codes and standards make reliable performance more critical than ever. For example, the 2007 edition of NFPA 80 introduces new requirements for annual fire door inspections. So you need assurance that seals in your fire doors work right the first time and every time.

Look for special features available only from ZERO to give you that extra assurance. Available on selected gasketing (as well as thresholds), the extruded bulb/finger (EBF) in our unique Compress-O-Matic® design ensures an airtight seal even when doors are misaligned because of poor installation, or slightly warped. If the door fails to make contact with the bulb in this neoprene gasket, the extra "finger" acts as a supplemental seal to block air flow.

When you need the best seal to satisfy codes, or field conditions are less than perfect, our mechanically fastened gasketing provides many choices:

  • Solid or closed cell sponge neoprene, nylon brush, and pile with fin seals.
  • Sealing reinforcement using double seals, magnetic door seals, or spring-loaded mechanisms.
  • Snap-on covers for aesthetics, as well as protecting mounting screws from abuse.
  • Adjustable features to compensate for door alignment problems at installation or in service.

We also offer a selection of kerfed and pressure-sensitive adhesive door seals manufactured by IND-EX Inc., our wholly owned subsidiary producing specialty rubber and plastic extrusions. Versatile shapes available in neoprene or extruded intumescent rubber. "Stick-on" gasketing also available as silicone seals.

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