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Flood Barrier Shield

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Flood Barrier Shield

...Cost-Effective Flood Protection for Safeguarding Building Contents.

The Flood Barrier Shield (FBS) is Zero International’s answer to pleas from residential builders for help in protecting doors and household contents from water ingress in flood-prone areas. When water from heavy rains accumulates on porches or patios, this easy-to-install, removable barrier effectively blocks up to a foot or more of flood waters from permeating door openings. FBS also has a proven track record in commercial installations.

The Flood Barrier Shield is available in 10, 20, 24, 30 and 36 inch high sections (other sizes available upon request). No tools or muscle strength are needed to insert the lightweight aluminum shield into pre-mounted vertical channels attached to either the door frame or adjacent walls. Additional shield sections can be stacked if greater height is needed.

The key to the flood shield’s impermeability is the use of closed cell sponge (CCS) neoprene rubber engineered by ZERO to ensure a water-tight seal. The rubber lines both the aluminum channel brackets and the bottom of the shield, where it also compensates for gaps at the threshold.

The unit complies with guidelines of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Federal Insurance Administration (FIA) for use on doors in flood-prone areas. The Flood Barrier Shield is ideal flood protection for buildings near wetlands or in high-rainfall regions.

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