Zero International Gasketing & Weatherstripping -Concealed Door Bottom - Easy Access Holding Plate - Part # Z49

Concealed Door Bottom - Easy Access Holding Plate

Category: mortised door bottoms

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Concealed Door Bottom - Easy Access Holding Plate

Model Number: Part # Z49

This option for Zero's mortised automatic door bottoms eliminates the need to take doors off their frames in order to remove the door bottom drop mechanism for cleaning or other purposes. It is the ideal solution for health care and other facilities subject to higher standards and routine inspections for cleanliness. Designed to secure concealed door bottoms to doors using no bottom screws, the easy-access plate allows the door bottom to be removed from either end, while the door remains on its frame.

In response to recommendations from the field, aluminum originally used for the mounting bracket in this part has been replaced with steel for enhanced durability, easier painting, and fire-rating purposes. The material change also resulted in minor modifications to dimensions.

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