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Adjustable Sealing Systems

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Adjustable Sealing Systems

...for gasketing that works in the real world.

Field conditions are rarely perfect in the real world, and alignment problems can diminish the performance of even the best-designed gasketing. Even with successful installations, those same problems can surface later on as doors cycle through changes in temperature and humidity.

Performance problems due to gaps in gasketing can have major practical consequences:

  • Any amount of air leakage through openings in a fire-rated door effectively voids the fire and smoke ratings, requiring expensive repairs by owners subject to annual fire door inspections under the 2007 edition of NFPA 80. Of course, the loss of effective fire and smoke protection threatens life safety during an actual fire.
  • Sound travels through any size opening with very little loss. In practical terms, this means that any unsealed gaps in sound barriers cancel out the noise reduction benefits of even the highest-rated sound doors.
  • Faulty sound control installations in hotels can lead to guest complaints and even lawsuits. The consequences of acoustical gasketing failure can be far graver for applications where privacy or security is paramount, such as doctors’ offices and counseling centers, schools, manufacturing, and government or military sites.
  • Weatherstripping is of little value when gaps permit conditioned interior air to escape while allowing outside elements to intrude.
ZERO engineering provides tested solutions
Whenever gaps in door seals occur, it can be difficult to make needed adjustments using conventional gasketing. ZERO’s adjustable gasketing solves those problems with ease. Just a few turns of a screwdriver is all it takes to tighten adjusting screws along the length of the gasket and restore a tight seal.

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