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Engineered systems

Horizontal lifeline systems by XSPlatforms are used for fall restraint or fall arrest for work at height when the installation of guardrails isn’t feasible.

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Horizontal Lifeline Systems for Roof

Engineered systems

Horizontal lifeline systems by XSPlatforms are used for fall restraint or fall arrest for work at height when the installation of guardrails isn’t feasible. An XSPlatforms lifeline system offers the same level of absolute safety as guardrail, but it is practically invisible and can be used on (low) sloping roofs.

The base of the system is a series of anchor points installed on a rooftop, connected by one or more steel wire-ropes, creating a permanent cable trajectory. XSPlatforms engineered lifeline systems are a flexible solution that can be applied to accommodate various types of situations or projects.

Workers attach their lanyard to the system by means of a runner (XSSlider) and have the freedom of moving around the system while performing their work, while also enjoying absolute safety.

Our systems are designed to make fall protection easier and safer for everyone involved, from HSE managers to end-users. For example, our LinkedPro is a multi-lifeline solution, where users can safely pass each other without having to detach from the system.

Custom lifeline solutions

We offer a complete range of durable lifeline systems on roofs with slopes up to 15 degrees, walls and overhead structures. But as every building is unique and every project has different requirement we can custom design our lifeline systems to suit your project needs.

Our fall protection solutions are modular in nature, meaning different components can be combined to create an appropriate and cost-effective solution for your project.

The modular build-up of our anchor points makes it easy to compose the right system for a specific situation. Several components can be combined with one of just three types of (roof) base plates, to create anchor points which can be connected by a horizontal lifeline.

All XSPlatforms lifeline systems are developed and tested according to the highest international safety standards.

Did you know: All XSPlatforms anchor points can be equipped with a RAP attachment point for abseiling or work on surfaces with a slope of more than 15°.

Fall protection training

A lifeline trajectory following the contours of a building at a fixed distance to the roof edge requires limited know-how from the user. Because the lifeline track is at a fixed distance from the roof edge, the user only needs to know how to set the length of the lanyard once or use a fixed length lanyard. The length of the lanyard should not exceed the distance between the anchor point and the roof edge as to prevent workers from reaching the point where they can fall. This is called, a fall restraint system. As a result those responsible for the safety of the workers and the system do not have to rely as much on correct system usage.

If the distance between the lifeline system and roof edge fluctuates, then the length of the lanyard has to be manually adjusted by the user. This requires more knowledge on the part of the end-user, and can lead to greater risk of misuse.

So, depending on the layout of the horizontal lifeline system users will need more knowledge and training on how to use the system.

Additionally there may be local regulatory requirements that govern training requirements.

Energy absorption of a fall

In the case of a fall a lot of forces are released on both the user, the system and the roof surface and structure to which the system is anchored. In order to limit the damage to the roof it may be necessary to install an absorbing component, such as the XSDynamic or XSBending kit.

The XSBending kit is designed to bend (deform) in the direction of the fall to absorb the energy, not only protecting users, but also preventing severe damage to the roof surface. With an XSBending kit installed to the base plate of the lifeline system, fewer anchor points are needed.

For more delicate structures or longer lifelineroutes, an XSDynamic provides even more energy absorption.

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