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Collective fall protection

An XSPlatforms guardrail system prevents those who work at height from reaching an area where fall hazards exist.

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Guardrails - Collective Fall Protection

Collective fall protection

An XSPlatforms guardrail system prevents those who work at height from reaching an area where fall hazards exist. Installing a guardrail system means eliminating the risk of falling for anyone who sets foot on, for example, a roof. When installed around the entire roof surface, the system can be used by an unlimited amount of users who do not need any know-how on how to use the system as the entire roof has become a safe zone.

When the entire roof is a safe zone, it is called a collective fall protection solution.

Our XSGuardrails are divided in two categories temporary/free-standing and permanent guardrail systems.

XSPlatforms guardrails can span a maximum of 8 feet between each upright, meaning less uprights are needed when the system has to cover a longer distance. On top of this our XSGuardrail systems are easy to install; resulting in a short installation time, thus saving on installation costs.

Advantages of our roof guardrails

Our free-standing XSFlex guardrail can be set up quickly without damaging the roof surface as there is no need to drill or fixate components into the roof. Another plus of the XSFlex guardrail is the fact that the system can be folded down to hide it when not in use. Both our permanent and temporary guardrail systems can easily be configured to fit your site and requirements.

Advantages of the XSflex guardrail

  • High-end, stable guardrail system

  • Systems can be installed by one person

  • Permanent installation or freestanding and foldable

  • No damage to roof surface (XSFlex)

  • Less uprights needed for longer distances

  • Can be delivered in different colors (color anodizing)


Freestanding guardrails

Our free-standing XSFlex guardrails do not need to be fixed to the (roof) surface, but are held in place by counterweights (approx. 50 lbs each). This eliminates the risk of leakage, as it isn’t necessary to drill holes into the roof surface. Another advantage of a free-standing XSGuardrail system is the ability to remove the system if needed.

Additionally the XSFlex can be folded down when it isn’t used*. This means that the system will not compromise the aesthetics of a building, as the guardrails cannot be seen from a lower level when folded down.

*We advise the use of additional fall protection to safely fold and unfold the guardrail system when needed.

Fixed wall or parapet Guardrails

This type of guardrail is fixed to the surface permanently. When the parapet of a building is lower than the safety standards require, for safe rooftop access, this type of guardrail can easily be installed to raise the parapet.

Mounted either on top of a roof surface or parapet (XSParapet Fixed) or on the inside of the parapet/wall (XSWall Fixed) this guardrail system is always present, creating a safe zone for anyone working at height.


XSPlatforms guardrails comply with the following safety standards:

  • EN 13374:2013 Class A - Temporary edge protection systems

  • EN-ISO 14122:2016 - Permanent means of access to machinery - Part 3: stairs, stepladders and guardrails

Our guardrails meet the requirements of:

  • AS 1657:2013 - Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders (incl. guardrails and handrails)

  • AS.NZS 4994.1:2009

  • OSHA 1910.23 - General industry

  • OSHA 1926 - Construction

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