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BMU’s for facade cleaning

Mid- and high-rise buildings need scheduled maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. The majority of the facades of these buildings are maintained by Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s).

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Building Maintenance Units

BMU’s for facade cleaning

Mid- and high-rise buildings need scheduled maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. The majority of the facades of these buildings are maintained by Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s). These BMU’s give workers easy and safe access to the facade of a building, and are therefore called facade access solutions/equipment.

Our XSPlatforms facade access equipment are designed to reach every part of a building’s facade and at the same time, provide maximum safety to the ones operating and working inside the cradle of the Building Maintenance Unit.

Building Maintenance Units are permanent solutions and with the right maintenance can stay on buildings for decades.

Challenges in facade cleaning machines

  • Minimum visual impact: We create our BMU’s with minimum visual impact, always respecting the aesthetics of a building.

  • Advanced technology: We have built the most complex and advanced BMU’s in the world, including functionalities as remote maintenance, camera monitoring and wireless radio frequency control.

  • Fully customized: Our BMU’s are designed at a drawing board and become a reality in our assembly hall, fully customized to the building’s needs, and capable of reaching any spot on the facade.

  • World class service: Our service professionals are well-known for superior customer service. Our technicians can handle every technical issue, with any Building Maintenance Unit available on the market.


BMU’s are often used for window cleaning, especially when concerning high-rise buildings. Depending on the facade of a building (straight or uneven) we offer different BMU solutions. Facades with protruding or uneven elements can have challenging spots which are hard to reach. That’s why we create customized BMU’s that give maximum safety to the window washers and at the same time make sure every area of a building can be covered.


Besides window cleaning, our BMU’s can be equipped with a Glass Replacement Unit and therefore have the ability to replace broken or damaged glass panels or windows. Remove the existing panels with the BMU and pick up a new glass panel from the ground - or a lower level. Read more about glass replacement units for different facade types in this blog.



Roof cars are used to position workers (for example window washers) in the cradle in front of the building. Roof cars are customized for different situations and can also be incorporated inside a building in order to minimize the visual impact.

Traversing roof cars

When we speak about a traversing roof car we mean a roof car that is designed to move around the roof of a building over a customized rail track. This is made possible by its motorized undercarriage.

Telescopic roof cars

Most of our proposed roof cars have telescopic jibs to reach all parts of a facade. We have created the largest BMU in the world for The Dubai Jewel Tower.

Fixed roof cars

A fixed roof car is placed at a fixed position on the roof and has a traversing jib to span the building or a certain region of the building.


We offer different types of cradles, starting from a standard cradle width of 8 feet. Cradle widths can be customized for narrow spaces and large surfaces of the facade. Besides a standard cradle, we distinguish these different types of cradles:

Pantograph cradles

A pantograph cradle is balanced by a counterweight to reach uneven facades or facades with protruding elements.

Self-hoisting cradles

A self-hoisting gondola has two XSClimber hoisting units to be suspended from roof cars, and can be used in combination with gantries or monorails.


Gantries are also known as traversing work bridges, gantries are the perfect solution for both the external as internal cleaning of glass atriums that usually are difficult to access.


Our monorail systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Monorails are ideal for medium-rise buildings with complicated designs and hard-to-reach areas.

A monorail system basically consists of three parts: the rails, manual or motorized trolleys which traverse a self-hoisting gondola or platform over the rails. Conveniently, a monorail system can be fixed to a building’s parapet or ceiling, which makes this system able to tackle even the most complex routes.

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