Worthington Millwork - 10-104 Arch

10-104 Arch

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Worthington Millwork
17842 Ashley Drive, Suite C
Panama City Beach, FL 32413
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10-104 Arch

Worthington arches come as a true half round with 3 extensions that can be cut to adjust the arch to line up with the bottom of the window (except for 10-324 & 10-200 arches which do not have the extensions). Worthington arches can be installed using galvanized nails or screws and work well with nail guns. Please test to set depth of the nail before installing. Worthington arches larger than 48" are provided in two halves that need to be joined in the center at the top of the window. We recommend using urethane adhesive in the joint to prevent separation.

This product can come in 1/4" size increments. Please notify us if you are interested in purchasing this arch in a specific 1/4" size.

10-104 Arch matches 01-104-16 Molding

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  • NEVER Rot

  • NEVER Warp

  • NEVER Crack

  • NEVER Absorb Moisture

  • NEVER Decompose

  • NEVER Harm the Ozone

  • WILL Hold Paint Longer Than Wood

  • WILL Save on Installation Costs and Time

  • WILL Add Beauty and Value to "Curb Appeal"

  • WILL Be Odor-Free

  • WILL Be Moisture Resistant

  • WILL Be Made in America

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