Wiremold -Nonmetallic Fire Classified Floor Boxes


Provides power and communication services directly to the workstation or to any open space location.

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Nonmetallic Fire Classified Floor Boxes

Provides power and communication services directly to the workstation or to any open space location. These floor boxes preserve the 2-hour fire rating of floors in which they have been installed and are a favored industry solution for getting power, communication, and AV services into open spaces while featuring TopGuard Protection.

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  • Maintains fire classification of fire rated floors. Fire rated floor boxes preserve up to a 2-hour fire rating for floors in which they are installed. Eliminates the need to install additional fireproofing to underfloor surfaces to restore the floor’s fire rating.

  • UL Listed and UL Fire Classified to U.S. and Canadian safety standards for tile and terrazzo. Standard fire rating provides peace of mind for building owners, general contractors, installers, and inspectors that building floors will meet safety guidelines for occupants. Includes the UL
    requirements under UL514A and UL514C for the scrub water exclusions test for carpet, tile and wood floors and UL263 for fire rating.

  • Post pour adjustable boxes. Each floor box model is adjustable after the concrete pour. Adjustability reduces installation errors and reduces labor and installation costs by adapting to various pour depths and conditions.

  • Accepts existing covers. Allows for a consistent aesthetic finish.

  • Communication connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point-of-use. A wide selection of data and adapter options are available for use with Ortronics® TracJack and Series II devices.