Wayne-Dalton -FireStar® Model 700C Insulated Fire Rated Doors


Our FireStar® Model 700C Rolling Steel Insulated Fire Rated Doors provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection.

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FireStar® Model 700C Insulated Fire Rated Doors

Our FireStar® Model 700C Rolling Steel Insulated Fire Rated Doors provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection. Model 700C is insulated with a non-combustible mineral wool insulation that has a flame spread and smoke development of 0, further aiding in the protection of the building. FireStar® doors can be drop-tested and reset at any time by anyone, thanks to a standard auto-reset feature and feature a forward-thinking design that outperforms industry standard fire doors in all areas.

The revolutionary FireStar® design uses a patent-pending planetary gear on the drop-out mechanism ensuring years of reliable service and drop-out performance. Factory-tested and approved for a minimum of 20,000 cycles, the FireStar® door can be used and tested on a regular basis without concerns of premature failure. Our insulated fire rated doors have been tested and approved to meet the requirements of well-known agencies, such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual, and conform to NFPA Standard 80.

We incorporate one standardized component design for all FireStar® doors regardless of size, and utilize fewer parts than other models. This helps to ensure more accurate installations and reduces the possibility of potential service calls in the future.


Key Product Features
  • Max Height: 24’
  • Max Width: 24’
  • Max Square Footage: 324 sq. ft.
  • Insulation: R-value = 5.0; U-value = 0.2
  • Curtain: 3" insulated galvanized steel flat slats (#34 profile); 22-gauge steel front / 24-gauge steel backer
  • Finish: Primed Gray, White, Beige or Brown
  • Mounting: Face mount angle-in or angle-out; between jambs
  • Operation: Chain hoist; motor*
  • Automatic Closure: UL approved release mechanism with a 165° fusible link
  • Locking: Slide bolts on manual operation
  • Bottom bar: Galvanized steel double angle with weatherstrip and insulation
  • Guides: three angle steel; factory painted black
  • Brackets: 3/16" or 1/4" steel plates with sealed ball bearings, painted factory black
  • Counter Balance: Steel pipe, painted factory black, of adequate size to restrict a maximum deflection of .033" per linear foot. Oil tempered, 20,000 cycle helical springs
  • Governor: Viscous governor (if required); cable release engages to slow speed during automatic door closure per NFPA 80 standard
  • Hood: 24-gauge galvanized steel round hood
  • Label: Up to 4-hour Class A label in UL, ULC; up to 3-hour Class A label in FM; dependent on wall, jamb and mounting.

*Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated fire doors.

Slat Profile

The smooth stats of the FireStar® 700C are filled with mineral wool insulation which provides an R-value of 5.0.

Door Options

  • Operation: motor, motor with chain hoist, wall crank, awning crank
  • Curtain: 20, 18-gauge Steel front; 22, 20, 18-gauge stainless steel front
  • Curtain finish: G-90 galvanized bare or painted beige or gray, stainless steel #4, powder coat**
  • Locking: Slide bolts, cylinder, best lock, thumb turns
  • Vision FireLites: 5" x 3/4" FireLite fenestration with glass vision lite
  • Bottom bar: Stainless steel double angle, galvanized structural steel angle construction, sloped
  • Bottom bar finishes: Primed black finish, stainless steel #4, powder coat**, hot dipped galvanized (double angle only)
  • Bottom edge: Astragal, pneumatic or electric sensing
  • Hood: 22-gauge round or square hood finished in bare galvanized, stainless steel #4, or powder coat**
  • Guildes: Galvanized steel or stainless finished in stainless steel #4, powder coat**, hot dipped galvanized (structural steel angle only)
  • Bracket finishes: Galvanized, stainless steel #4, powder coat**
  • Perimeter seals: Angled guide brush, exterior lintel weather, flame baffle, smoke package (full perimeter seal, caulking, label)
  • Wind load: Up to +/- 55 psf; options available to meet up to Dade County - Florida Building Commission
  • Other options: Wind locks alternating or continuous with windbar, end covers, fascia, fire door release system, horns strobes, smoke detectors.

* Contact plant for door charts or more information
*Powder coat available in RAL or custom colors

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