WaterFurnace -Water Source & Geothermal Heat Pumps - Envision NDW Dual Hydronic


8 to 15 Tons (4 sizes)

Up to 15.8 EER / 4.6 COP

Provides high volume hot water output for larger commercial hydronic applications.

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Water Source & Geothermal Heat Pumps - Envision NDW Dual Hydronic

8 to 15 Tons (4 sizes)

Up to 15.8 EER / 4.6 COP

Provides high volume hot water output for larger commercial hydronic applications.

High Efficiency Operation

The Envision NDW features dual single-speed compressors housed in a compact cabinet and boasts an optimum level of efficiency thanks to oversized heat exchangers.

Compact Cabinet Footprint for Application Flexibility

Ideal for installations where space is limited, the Envision NDW boasts a compact size and features optional top or back mounted water lines as well as a field switchable control box for flexible installation in any water-to-water application.

Integrated DDC Controls

An FX10 DDC controller provides features unique to WLHP controls. The DDC controls provide service diagnostic faults an avenue to be communicated through the DDC directly to the building automation system. Detailed and accurate information is available without removing an access panel.

Quiet Operation

Efficient compressors are featured that operate quietly while discharge line mufflers help quiet compressor discharge gas pulsations. Heavy-gauge steel cabinets are insulated with acoustic type glass fiber to minimize operation noise.

Maintenance and Service Advantages

A field switchable control box, removable compressor access panels, and quick attach wiring harnesses combine to make installation, maintenance, and service a breeze.

Other Key Features


The optional IntelliStart soft starter will reduce the normal start current (LRA) by up to 60% to reduce light flicker, start-up noise, and to extend the compressor life.

Thermostatic Expansion Valve

A balanced port bi-directional thermostatic expansion valve is utilized for precise refrigerant metering.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Large oversized stainless steel interlaced copper-brazed plate water-to-refrigerant heat exchangers provide unparalleled efficiency.

Factory Quality

All refrigerant brazing is performed in a nitrogen environment.

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Envision NDW Dual Hydronic



Unit Capacity

Number of sizes available: 4

Tons 8, 10, 12, 15

MBTU 100, 120, 150, 180

GLHP 2.7 to 3.5 COP
15.8 to 22.0 EER

WLHP 3.9 to 4.6 COP
13.3 to 15.8 EER

ARI/ISO 13256-2

Compressor Type

Dual Scroll



Cabinet Configuration

Field-switchable Compact

Discharge Configuration

Not applicable

Return Air Configuration

Not applicable

Hot Water Generation Options


Soft Start Options

Optional IntelliStart®

Refrigerant Options


Blower Motor Options

Not applicable

Water Coil Options


Water Control Options

Not applicable

Control Options

FX10 with Building Automation Communication capability

Electrical Options

Not applicable

Cabinet Options

Top or rear mounted connections

Field-switchable control box

Filter Options

Not applicable

Air Coil Option

Not applicable

Drain Pan Options

Not applicable