WaterFurnace -WC Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller


175 to 275 Tons (3 sizes)

Variable speed for efficiency, reliability, and capacity control based on the needs of the building.

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WC Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller

Heat Recovery or Low-Load

Whether the need is for heat recovery on the primary chiller plant or to operate as a low-load chiller to prevent surging in a centrifugal chiller plant, the WC Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller is an efficient and cost effective solution. The dual screw compressor design allows for higher temperature hot water production up to 140°F in heat recovery applications and provides 10:1 turndown capacity control for low-load conditions.

Advanced Technology

The independent dual refrigerant circuits of the WC Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller features permanent magnet DC motors with integrated variable frequency drives and large brazed plate heat exchangers to deliver reliable, high efficiency operation. In addition to efficient heat transfer, the BPHE’s reduce service space requirements as well as minimizing refrigerant within the chiller.

Advanced Controls

The HydroLink Aurora controls platform provides numerous factory-installed options to provide better service, diagnostic, and monitoring ability. New features include refrigerant, energy, and performance monitoring all through a large touch-screen interface or through DDC protocols.

Remote HydroLink Supervisory Control

Multiple units can be staged together using the supervisory control for automatic and optimal staging of all units in a system. The supervisory controller can also accommodate additional controls including flow meters, pump controls, power analyzers, and additional sensors.

Compact Screw Compressor

Featuring a compact semi-hermetic case, the highly efficient screw rotor profile is controlled by a refrigerant cooled, integrated variable frequency drive. Enhanced compressor monitoring and high-efficiency oil management help to deliver years of reliable performance.

Quality Components for Efficient Operation

Oversized true brazed plate heat exchangers offer high efficiency with industry-low waterside pressure drop as well as better part load efficiencies compared to two single circuit evaporators.

Ease of Service

Replaceable core refrigerant filter dryers and brazed plate heat exchangers allow for service within a small footprint. The large HMI touchscreen provides easy access to operating and performance data.

Industrial Chiller Lab

The latest addition to our state-of-the-art labs is an industry-leading chiller lab that facilitates the testing of our large industrial chillers. Witness testing is available as is a complete report-out of how your specific chiller tested. We traded invaluable factory space to build this lab, but we feel it shows our commitment to the commercial and institutional space.

Other Key Features

Fully Enclosed Cabinet

The insulated acoustical sound enclosure panels are isolated from the structural steel frame to minimize vibration and attenuate sound transmission.

Low Impedance Line Reactors

Line reactors help deliver an efficient and stable power supply to the compressors by reducing harmonic noise and improving the power factor issues associated with the variable frequency drive.

Fused Power Supply and Disconnects

With a fused power supply and each compressor protected by fused disconnects, the WC Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller achieves a SSCR rating of 65 kA.

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ModelWC Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller
Unit Capacity

Number of sizes available: 3
Tons 175, 225, 275
MBTU 2100, 2700, 3300

EfficiencyContact WaterFurnace Applications Engineer Support
Compressor TypeVariable Speed Dual Screw
Cabinet ConfigurationEnclosed
Discharge ConfigurationNot applicable
Return Air ConfigurationNot applicable
Hot Water Generation OptionsNone
Soft Start OptionsNone
Refrigerant OptionsEEV
Blower Motor OptionsNot applicable
Water Coil OptionsBrazed-Plate
Water Control Options4-Pipe 6" with isolation valves
Control OptionsHydroLink Aurora (Standalone or BACnet)
Electrical OptionsFused disconnect
Cabinet OptionsPainted
Filter OptionsNot applicable
Air Coil OptionsNot applicable
Drain Pan OptionsNot applicable