WaterFurnace -WC Modular Scroll Chiller


20 to 80 Tons (7 sizes)

Up to 22.4 EER / 0.584 kW/Ton

Delivers simultaneous heated and chilled water throughout the building and is ideal for chiller banks.

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WC Modular Scroll Chiller

20 to 80 Tons (7 sizes)

Up to 22.4 EER / 0.584 kW/Ton

Delivers simultaneous heated and chilled water throughout the building and is ideal for chiller banks.

Simultaneous Heating and Cooling

With our patented 6-pipe header rack design, simultaneous heating and cooling set points are available from one chiller unit, which is unique in the industry. Heat recovery provides use for energy that's typically wasted in other systems.

Premium Efficiency in a Convenient Cabinet

The WC Modular Chiller is a premium efficiency reversible scroll chiller housed in a compact cabinet for ease of installation. Its modular design is perfect for multiple chiller bank installations and fork pockets and lifting points enable maneuverability for installation and shipment.

Advanced Controls

The HydroLink Aurora controls platform provides numerous factory-installed options to provide better service, diagnostic, and monitoring ability. New features include refrigerant, energy, and performance monitoring all through the HMI or through DDC protocols.

Remote HydroLink Supervisory Control

Multiple units can be staged together using the supervisory control for automatic and optimal staging of all units in a system. The supervisory controller can also accommodate additional controls including flow meters, pump controls, power analyzers, and additional sensors.

Modular Design

The modular design of the WC Dual Scroll Chiller allows the units to be installed on an as-needed basis, and the detachable pipe rack allows for service on each module without compromising the rest of the system.

Quality Components for Efficient Operation

Oversized true brazed plate heat exchangers offer high efficiency with industry-low waterside pressure drop as well as better part load efficiencies compared to two single circuit evaporators.

Ease of Service

Our heavy gauge galvanized steel enclosure features quick-turn latched access panels that can easily be removed for ease of service.

Other Key Features

Factory-Installed Options

Factory mounted integrated four or six-pipe header rack constructed of 4", 5", or 6" header pipe with grooved connections. Factory mounted, internally wired non-fused disconnect is also available.

Isolation Valves

Isolation valves provide unit isolation as well as minimizing pumping power requirements when the unit is not in use.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers provide circuit protection and minimal downtime during maintenance.

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WC Modular Scroll Chiller



Unit Capacity

Number of sizes available: 7

Tons 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80

MBTU 265, 390, 510, 620, 805, 892, 990

Full Load 5.9 to 16.8 EER

IPLV 20.5 to 22.4 EER
0.536 to 0.584 kW/Ton

AHRI 550 Accordance

Compressor Type

Dual Scroll



Cabinet Configuration

Modular Encosure

Discharge Configuration

Not applicable

Return Air Configuration

Not applicable

Hot Water Generation Options


Soft Start Options

Not applicable

Refrigerant Options

Standard TXV


Blower Motor Options

Not applicable

Water Coil Options


Water Control Options

Standard with optional isolation valves

4-Pipe Standard or Reversing

6-Pipe Standard or Reversing

Provisions for 4/6 Pipe

2.5", 4", or 6" Options

Control Options

HydroLink Aurora (Standalone, BACnet, or LonWorks)

Electrical Options


Optional Thru-the-Door Disconnect

Cabinet Options


Filter Options

Not applicable

Air Coil Option

Not applicable

Drain Pan Options

Not applicable