WaterFurnace -TruClimate 300 - Water-Cooled Chiller with HybrEx™ Technology


A cooling-only chiller with a robust heat exchanger to help reduce fouling and clogging.

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TruClimate 300 - Water-Cooled Chiller with HybrEx™ Technology

A cooling-only chiller with a robust heat exchanger to help reduce fouling and clogging.

Aurora Hydrolink2 Supervisory Controls

Powered over the exclusive Niagra N4 network, our Aurora Hydrolink2 controls platform provides numerous factory-installed options for better service, diagnostic and monitoring abilities. Preventative alarms make it easy to stay on top of maintenance. Refrigerant, energy and performance are tracked through the HMI or DDC protocols.

True Variable Speed

The TruClimate 300 product line utilizes premium efficiency scroll compressors housed in a compact cabinet for ease of installation. Optional permanent magnet DC inverter drive lead scroll compressor is available on the 30 and 50 ton module sizes to increase capacity turndown and efficiency.

Factory Charged Tested

Instead of letting it be done in the field, we handle the delicate and technical service of system charging to ensure peak performance. It includes leak testing, to ensure proper refrigerant handling. A run-test report from WaterFurnace's Chiller Lab can be requested to show complete performance and diagnostics.

Product Overview

WaterFurnace has come up with an innovative way to reduce the level of fouling and clogging in open loop cooling towers. The TruClimate 300 is a cooling-only chiller that utilizes a robust heat exchanger for condensing-which stands up better to sediment and particulates. That means less downtime for flushing and cleaning. Plus, the robust condenser provides the efficiency of a brazed plate while minimizing heat exchanger fouling.

Equal Run Time Distribution

Not only do we do lead lag rotation on the compressors of each module, but the supervisory controls also equalize the run time across each module. This balances usage and is all managed internally to the control sequences.

Modular & Flexible

We designed the TruClimate 300 to be used in as many applications as possible. Its compact size allows it to fit through 36-inch doorways. It's an easy retrofit for older models and an ideal space saver for new construction. Up to 12 modules can be banked with fixed or lead variable speed compressors.

Wiring Simplification

Single-point power is an available option and can reduce installation time and cost.

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TruClimate 300

Formerly WC HybrEx Chiller





Unit Capacity

Number of sizes available: 2

Tons 30, 50
MBTU 360, 600

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Compressor Type

Dual Scroll, Available with Lead Variable Speed



Cabinet Configuration

Modular Enclosed

Discharge Configuration

Not applicable

Return Air Configuration

Not applicable

Hot Water Generation

Not applicable

Soft Start Choices

Not applicable

Refrigeration Choices


Blower Motor Choices

Not applicable

Water Coil Choices


Water Control Choices

4-Pipe 6" Standard (integrated)

Control Choices

HydroLink Aurora Factory Installed HydroLink2 supervisory unit staging controller

Electrical Choices

Fused disconnect

Non-fused disconnect

Power distribution block

Cabinet Choices


Filter Choices

Not applicable

Air Coil Choices

Not applicable

Drain Pan Choices

Not applicable