WaterFurnace -Envision² NXW Reversible Chiller


10 to 50 Tons (5 sizes)

Up to 17.4 EER / 5.1 COP

High efficiency reversible industrial chiller that' s high in capacity but small in footprint.

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Envision² NXW Reversible Chiller

10 to 50 Tons (5 sizes)

Up to 17.4 EER / 5.1 COP

High efficiency reversible industrial chiller that' s high in capacity but small in footprint.

Impressive Efficiency in a Compact Cabinet

The Envision² NXW is a premium efficiency reversible scroll chiller housed in a compact cabinet for ease of installation. It fits through most typical doorways and features external fork truck lifting points for simple retrofits.

Advanced Controls

The HydroLink Aurora controls platform provides numerous factory-installed options to provide better service, diagnostic, and monitoring ability. New features include refrigerant, energy, and performance monitoring all through the HMI or through DDC protocols.

Set Point Control

Factory-installed leaving/entering water temperature sensors or a remote temperature sensor option is available to assist in set point control.

Separate Refrigerant Circuits

Refrigerant circuits for heating and cooling are separate with a common water supply to provide the best part load efficiency compared to using two single circuit heat exchangers.

Serviceability Benefits

Our control panel was designed with the technician in mind to provide convenient, clear wiring with plenty of working space. The panel is split into a left and right side with convenient access to both for ease of service.

Quality Components for Efficient Operation

Oversized true brazed plate heat exchangers offer high efficiency with industry-low waterside pressure drop while dual scroll compressor technology provides consistent reliability and efficiency.

Other Key Features

Factory-Installed Options

A factory-installed pressure/temperature port is externally accessible for improved serviceability while factory-installed high accuracy sensors measure system pressures and temperatures. Factory mounted, internally wired non-fused disconnect is also available.

Noise-dampening Features

The compressor suction/discharge tubes come with a braided stainless steel vibration absorbers to dampen compressor vibration on system piping resulting is quiet operation.

Phase Guard Monitor

Provides phase reversal, phase imbalance, and loss of phase protection.

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Envision² NXW Reversible Chiller



Unit Capacity

Number of sizes available: 5

Tons 10, 15, 20, 30, 50

MBTU 120, 180, 240, 360, 600

GLHP 3.0 to 3.7 COP
16.5 to 22.6 EER

WLHP 4.3 to 5.1 COP
15.2 to 17.4 EER

ARI/ISO 13256-2

Compressor Type

Dual Scroll



Cabinet Configuration


Discharge Configuration

Not applicable

Return Air Configuration

Not applicable

Hot Water Generation Options


Soft Start Options


Refrigerant Options


Blower Motor Options

Not applicable

Water Coil Options

Copper-Brazed Plate

Water Control Options


Control Options

HydroLink Aurora (Standalone, BACnet, or LonWorks)

Electrical Options

Fused or Non-fused Disconnect

Cabinet Options


Filter Options

Not applicable

Air Coil Option

Not applicable

Drain Pan Options

Not applicable