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The Von Duprin security indicators are used for visual verification and lockdown situations.

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Security Indicators

The Von Duprin security indicators are used for visual verification and lockdown situations.

Designed for high use and abuse institution environments, such as schools and hospitals, the Von Duprin security indicators are recommended for the following applications: visual verification and lockdown. The visual verification application reduces the time to tour a facility and ensure that each door is secure with at-a-glance visual verification. The security indicators provide visual verification from inside the room and are ideal for high occupancy areas like auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums.

The CDSI/HDSI dogging indicator provides at-a-glance verification of a door’s status from inside the room. Visible “LOCKED” and “UNLOCKED” indicators show whether the device is dogged or undogged. This feature can be used with Hex key (HDSI) or Cylinder (CDSI) options on various device types: rim, mortise or vertical systems.

The -2SI security indicator proves at-a-glance verification of the “LOCKED” and “UNLOCKED” door status from the inside of the room. This option can be ordered as a new product or as a retrofit conversion kit for an existing 98/99 Series rim device. The indicator in the “UNLOCKED” state presents a 1/2” x 1/2” metal flag (the unlock icon is laser cut into the flag) at the top of the device head. The indicator in the “LOCKED” state has no flag present.

Features & Benefits

  • Lockdown solution that meets fire, life and safety codes for free egress
  • Modular conversion kits for quickly upgrading existing devices

-2SI security indicator with double cylinder

  • Thumbturn or key cylinder with LOCK/UNLOCK labels provide a clear direction of rotation to secure opening
  • Available for 98/99 Series rim devices

CDSI/HDSI dogging indicator

  • Hex or cylinder dogging options
  • Visual indication of whether the exit device is dogged or undogged
  • Available for 98/99 Series and 33A/35A Series panic devices

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